WTC Final 2023: Kohli holds Australia back as India require a further 280 runs to take the title on Day 5

Kohli was playing on the ball of 60 from 44. The pair had a partner in Ajinkya Rahane (20) to form a partnership in an unbeaten 71-run partnership to get the 4th wicket. India completed the day with the score of 164-3 to attempt to beat the record of 444 in the world.

WTC Final 2023

WTC Final 2023

A resolute Virat Kohli was placed behind Australia in front of Australia’s World Test Championship mace as India needed another 300 runs to set a record in what will be a thrilling day of the match at the summit.

Kohli was playing with an op of 44 at 60. He was also with Ajinkya Rahane (20 batsman) to provide him with company in a 71-man partnership to win the fourth wicket. India completed the fourth day with a score of 164-3in an attempt to break the record for the world at 444.

After receiving a massive victory, India lost Shubman Gill (18 off 19) following an unpopular catch, and the captain Rohit Sharma (43 off 60) and Cheteshwar Pujara (27 off 47) led to their own defeat which left them 93-3 at the end of the 30th over.

Australia had declared their second innings at 7 for 270 at the middle in the day session after an unbeaten 66 run by Alex Carey.

A determined Virat Kohli was placed in between Australia as well as Australia’s World Test Championship mace as India needed additional 200 runs to beat the record. The match is anticipated to be an intriguing day at the end of the match at the summit.

Kohli was batting the ball at 44 off 60. He was also joined by Ajinkya Rahane (20 batsman) to help him out for an unbeaten 71-run stand in the last wicket. India ended on the fourth day with 164-3, attempting an all-time record of 444.

After being set a lot of goals, India lost Shubman Gill (18 off 19) in a controversial catch, while Captain Rohit Sharma (43 off 60) and Cheteshwar Pujara (27 off 47) led to their own death leaving them with 93-three during the final over of 31st.

Australia have announced their second innings to be 277-8 at the halfway point in the day session, following a 66-run unbeaten run by Alex Carey.

The most impressive score recorded at The Oval is 263, Indian fans will not have to feel discouraged when they get towards day five, with Kohli and Rahane have no issues in their batting, which does not appear to be a challenge on the final session of this series.

The bounce of the pitch can be variable, however it was more consistent than the previous three days.

Kohli was in peak form, and utilized his powerful wrists to make the perfect swing between mid-wicket, as well as the mid-on position of Australian pacers. He also defeated Nathan Lyon (1/32) for the fastest drive of the day, before switching on straight shots to Mitchell Starc towards the end of the day’s action. The Indian players who began the day. Rohit and Gill were able to get off to a strong start and were not afraid to take on the formidable team by Pat Cummins and Scott Boland.

The tea was over Scott Boland got one to bounce slightly larger than the length. it flew off the ball and onto Gill’s bat, only for it to be struck by an Eagle Cameron Green at gully.

The second incident that occurred during the game Green struck the ball in a loud scream, however replays suggest that it was a valid play due to the ball positioned close to the ground.

Rohit could complete most of his runs by using the pull-shot. The excited Indian crowd began to roar when he pulled Starc’s second ball from his opening in order to take the fine leg that was six overs.

Lyon was summoned to action in the twentyth to break up a row between Rohit and Pujara had fought over. He performed exactly as was requested of him.

The wicket was being bowled and Lyon took a full shot across Rohits’ pads. The India captain attempted to sweep the shot and missed the shot. Rohit was able to look over the leg, but he was not successful in calling failed.

The player who left the court was Pujara who took a bizarre shot. The shot wasn’t an off-ramp to Cummins and was directly in the way of. Pujara also made several shots with confidence in his game with 47 balls.

Rahane who did not play in the second game of Australia in order to protect the injury to his finger looked relaxed in the midfield.

In the first session of the second India took some wickets, however Australia continued to push increasing their advantage to 374 after they had reached the 201-for-6 score after lunch.

Australia had to fight for 78 runs in just 26 overs in the early hours of the morning. In the sweltering heat of the game, the field continued to play a variety of tricks that saw seamers and spinners at their very best.

Australia along with New Zealand, who ended the day 123-4, was defeated in the third over by Marnus Labuschagne (41 off 126) in the third over of the day. The Aussie batter who was unable to increase his score from the previous day’s game when the Australian batsman took a stunning catch by Umesh Yadav (2/32 in 12 overs) that bounced off the stump before it went away.

The ball is nearly 44 years old. Umesh and Shami began their game in India looking for a reverse swing in dry and hot conditions.

The ball was bouncing off or sliding across from a particular area on the edge of the pavilion leaving the players in suspense until the end of the day’s game.

Mohammed Siraj, who has caused the most problems for Aussie batters in the game, took the hit that struck Green’s right side, and then hit Green’s right shoulder.

Ravindra Jadeja (3/45 in 18 overs) was inserted into the attack line-up in just eight overs. The strategy he employed was very simple. The aim was to force the ball to rapidly turn towards the outside stump to the inside of his leg.

The method worked as Green made a massive stride in an offensive strike but the ball bounced back and hit the glove after which it bounced back to hit the stumps.


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