ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Venue, Teams and Dates

We’ve prepared for you with the complete schedule of ICC World Cup 2023 venue matches. From the opening match until Grand Final, the schedule supplies you with all the information you’ll need to follow the action. Keep up-to-date with the latest fixtures for your teams as well as match dates and locations. With this extensive schedule, you won’t skip a second of the cricketing spectacle. Prepare to watch the historical cricket action unfold!

ICC World Cup 2023 Schedule

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 schedule was announced from the International Cricket Council (ICC) and will begin on October 5 through November 19 2023. The group stage games of the ICC World Cup 2023 started on the 5th of October 2023 and will continue until November 19 2023. The opening game of the ICC World Cup 2023 was played between England against New Zealand and the New Zealand cricket team won the match by eight wickets. the final game of the ICC ODI World Cup 2023 will take place on November 19, 2023, at Narendra Modi Stadium Ahmedabad.

DateFixture/ScheduleWinner TimeVenue
October 5, 2023ENGLAND vs NEW ZEALANDNew Zealand 2:00 PMAhmedabad
October 6, 2023PAKISTAN vs NETHERLANDSPakistan2:00 PMHyderabad
October 7, 2023AFGHANISTAN vs BANGLADESHBangladesh10:30AMDharamsala
October 7, 2023SOUTH AFRICA vs SRI LANKASouth Africa2:00 PMDelhi
October 8, 2023AUSTRALIA vs INDIAIndia 2:00 PMChennai
October 9, 2023NEW ZEALAND vs NETHERLANDSNew Zealand 2:00 PMHyderabad
October 10, 2023ENGLAND vs BANGLADESHEngland 10:30AMDharamsala
October 10, 2023SRI LANKA vs PAKISTANPakistan2:00 PMHyderabad
October 11, 2023INDIA vs AFGHANISTANIndia2:00 PMDelhi
October 12, 2023AUSTRALIA vs SOUTH AFRICASouth Africa 02:00PMLucknow
October 13, 2023NEW ZEALAND vs BANGLADESHNew Zealand02:00PMChennai
October 14, 2023INDIA vs PAKISTANIndia 02:00PMAhmedabad
October 15, 2023ENGLAND vs AFGHANISTANAfghanistan02:00PMDelhi
October 16, 2023AUSTRALIA vs SRI LANKAAustralia 02:00PMLucknow
October 17, 2023SOUTH AFRICA vs NETHERLANDSSouth Africa02:00PMDharamsala
October 18, 2023NEW ZEALAND vs AFGHANISTANNew Zealand 02:00PMChennai
October 19, 2023INDIA vs BANGLADESHIndia 02:00PMPune
October 20, 2023AUSTRALIA vs PAKISTANAustralia 02:00PMBengaluru
October 21, 2023NETHERLANDS vs SRI LANKASri Lanka 10:30AMLucknow
October 21, 2023ENGLAND vs SOUTH AFRICASouth Africa 02:00PMMumbai
October 22, 2023INDIA vs NEW ZEALAND02:00PMDharamsala
October 23, 2023PAKISTAN vs AFGHANISTAN02:00PMChennai
October 24, 2023SOUTH AFRICA vs BANGLADESH02:00PMMumbai
October 25, 2023AUSTRALIA vs NETHERLANDS02:00PMDelhi
October 26, 2023ENGLAND vs SRI LANKA02:00PMBengaluru
October 27, 2023PAKISTAN vs SOUTH AFRICA02:00PMChennai
October 28, 2023AUSTRALIA vs NEW ZEALAND10:30AMDharamsala
October 28, 2023NETHERLANDS vs BANGLADESH02:00PMKolkata
October 29, 2023INDIA vs ENGLAND02:00PMLucknow
October 30, 2023AFGHANISTAN vs SRI LANKA02:00PMPune
October 31, 2023PAKISTAN vs BANGLADESH02:00PMKolkata
November 1, 2023NEW ZEALAND vs SOUTH AFRICA02:00PMPune
November 2, 2023INDIA vs SRI LANKA02:00PMMumbai
November 3, 2023NETHERLANDS vs AFGHANISTAN02:00PMLucknow
November 4, 2023NEW ZEALAND vs PAKISTAN10:30AMBengaluru
November 4, 2023ENGLAND vs AUSTRALIA02:00PMAhmedabad
November 5, 2023INDIA vs SOUTH AFRICA02:00PMKolkata
November 6, 2023BANGLADESH vs SRI LANKA02:00PMDelhi
November 7, 2023AUSTRALIA vs AFGHANISTAN02:00PMMumbai
November 8, 2023ENGLAND vs NETHERLANDS02:00PMPune
November 9, 2023NEW ZEALAND vs SRI LANKA02:00PMBengaluru
November 10, 2023SOUTH AFRICA vs AFGHANISTAN02:00PMAhmedabad
November 11, 2023AUSTRALIA vs BANGLADESH10:30AMPune
November 11, 2023ENGLAND vs PAKISTAN02:00PMKolkata
November 12, 2023INDIA vs NETHERLANDS02:00PMBengaluru
November 15, 2023Semi-Final 102:00PMMumbai
November 16, 2023Semi-Final 202:00 PMKolkata
November 19, 2023Final Match02:00 PMAhmedabad

World Cup 2023 Schedule for Semi-Finals and Finals

The semi-finals will be played between November 15th and 16th of November 2023. Teams that are in the top 4 will play in two semi-final matches to earn a place at the end of. The crowning event in the competition, which is the ICC ODI World Cup 2023 final, will be played on November 19 2023. The top two teams from the semi-finals will take on one another in a high-risk battle to decide who is which is the ICC Cricket championship champion for 50 runs (ODI).

ICC World Cup 2023 India’s schedule

The India’s World Cup 2023 schedule began on the 9th of October 2023 (Sunday) on the day that India took on their very first game in the series against Australia at Chennai (Tamil Nadu). Team India won this match by six wickets.

The second game for cricket’s Indian cricket squad will take place on the 11th of October, 2023, in a match against Afghanistan playing in Delhi. Indian captain Rohit Sharma scored a century in the game and scored 131 runs over just 84 balls.

The third cricket game that was played by the Indian cricket team at the World Cup 2023 was played against Pakistan at the Narendra Modi Stadium Ahmedabad. With over 100,000 spectators in the stadium as well as millions of spectators around the globe, India has risen to the challenge and took this game by seven wickets. Team India are scheduled for their fourth game against Bangladesh on the 19th of October 2023 at Pune.

ICC World Cup 2023 Venue

India well-known for its love of cricket, will host the host of the ICC ODI World Cup 2023. The tournament will be played at a number of famous cricket stadiums across the nation. From the historical Eden Gardens in Kolkata to the energetic Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, the fans can anticipate a thrilling atmosphere throughout the tournament. this year’s opening game of the tournament took place at the Narendra Modi Stadium Ahmedabad and the final game will be played at the same field. ICC World Cup 2023 will be held in nine cities across India specifically Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Dharamsala, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai and Pune.

ICC World Cup 2023 Format

Twenty23 ODI World Cup will feature rounds-robin formats, with knockout stages following. Teams participating will play one match with all other teams. There are no groups in the league stage this year. Top four teams in each group will move on to the knockout phase, comprising quarter-finals, semi-finals and the grand final.

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